14 Jun 2019

Legio Crucius - Warhound Titan - Black Strider COMPLETE

Hello, One and All!

As you can see, WeeMen has become more like TITANMen with the titan projects all 3 of us have had, and still got. One ongoing project was my second Warhound "Black Strider" who now is complete, and ready to walk to war. Since the last post, I have altered the colour of the head armour plating to match the scheme for the rest of her body - one half black, the other striped.
The LED's have been added to the head - unlike Wolfshead, where I've added the lights into the head, and then placed plastic around the eyes to look like a visor, Black Strider has had eye sockets added - with the LED's set inside the socket.
Decals have been added to her. I added a white circle to the black armour for the Legio Crucius icon to be added to. These decals were made by myself and have a clear backing therefore these need to be applied over a white background to get the full benefit.
The Titan Owners Club logo has been added to her carapace, as well as the Titan's name and registration number.
The banners - added to both Black Strider and to Wolfshead were made by Drake Seta over at the Titan Owners Club which really finishes off the model! Thank you Drake!

I'm really happy with the final look of "Black Strider" who joins her completed sister Warhound Engine "Wolfshead" and I can't wait to see her out on the dance floor of war..

Legio Crucius will Walk next weekend at the Titan Owners Club UK event, where she will be battling alongside 80 other Titans! Remember to register your own Titans at Titan Owners Club, and if you want some cool Titan Owners Club merchandise we even now have a Spreadshirt Shop, any profits go to buying Titan sized terrain for future Walks for all members to enjoy :)

Cheers, Princeps Halfpenny
(50 painting points)


  1. Well she certainly looks impressive, very much a `Knight StRider' ;-)
    I'm looking forwards to the group shot from you all.

  2. Brilliant job mate, the banner looks great too! We will Walk together soon Brother Princeps!


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