21 Jun 2019

Legio Crucius - Warbringer Titan - Mons Igneus COMPLETE

Hello one and all, so, another week, another Titan complete for Legio Crucius!

Mons Igneus

The Nemesis Warbringer Titan, "Mons Igneus" - High Gothic for fiery mountain, or Volcano is now ready for next weekend's Titan Owners Club UK Walk.
The banner was applied showing Mons Igneus' battle honours, more to be added soon.
The Titan Owners Club logo is proudly shown on the Warbringer's armour like all of the Titans I own.
Custom Decals for the Crucius logo.
The titan has been painted with the same scheme as the other Crucius Titans in my Maniple, with slight variations to make the models individual, but also similar to maintain the look of a force from the same Forgeworld. I needed to apply custom transfers to the model for the Crucius fist icon as no FW decals exist.

The weapon loadout had to be for long range shooting, with 2 volcano cannons and the quake cannon I can see Mons Igneus hanging at the back of the pack on the field opening fire, destroying foes from afar.

Astramos Mortis Æternem

"Astramos Mortis Aeterem" has also had a banner added, and I have also added a couple of further Ryza style custom decals to add more details to her.
Banners by Drake Seta at Titan Owners Club / Battle Bunnies. Thanks Drake!
Thank you for looking!
Legio Crucius will Walk next weekend at the Titan Owners Club UK event, where she will be battling alongside 80 other Titans! Remember to register your own Titans at Titan Owners Club, and if you want some cool Titan Owners Club merchandise we even now have a Spreadshirt Shop, any profits go to buying Titan sized terrain for future Walks for all members to enjoy :)

Cheers, Princeps Halfpenny
(60 painting points)


  1. Brilliant progress, a mighty Maniple you've grown in a short space of time! Mons Igneus looks great, your photographing skills could do with some improvement ;) you've chopped off his big chopper! lol. These will look great together alongside your Legio Astorum Brother Engines! For Terra!

    1. I wanted to hide the big chopper.. I wasn't sure if I needed censorship with such a large gun..

      Cheers matey!

  2. Well done. Time to enjoy the big walk.

  3. Awesome engines, good luck at the Walk!

  4. thank you for the comments.. only one more Titan to post in time for the UK Walk...


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