7 Sept 2018

Whats the conversion?

Hello one and all!

I thought I'd drop a post to show you a current WIP converted model.
So, the question is.. what is the conversion? Answer as a comment below.. more next week..

Cheers for looking! LH


  1. Balrog to flying Daemon Prince sounds like a cool conversion. Better photos would be nice ;)

  2. Balrog. Easy! Now post proper pics and get painting! Lol

  3. You shall not pass ..... aieeee ..... long way down isn't it !!!! Get painting, not black but a nice strong Khorne red. Instill fear into the hearts of your enemies.

  4. Thanks Guys! I've got a feeling the photo's aren't great due to focusing on certain aspects of the model.

    the question is.. which Daemon Prince...

  5. I care not for names of Xenos and Daemon scum... one that will get cleansed from this world with Holy LasCannon Fire just as An’ggrath died...


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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