17 Sept 2018

Vorax Battle-Automata WIP for Blogger Buddy Zzzzzz at DevosIV

Hi All, thanks for dropping in, busy with a few unfinished projects at the moment, a half painted Armiger Warglaive to make the pair, a Reaver Titan Carapace Weapon, a Squad of Necron Warriors and these Mechanicum Vorax Battle-Automata amongst other numerous projects - never can tell where the hobby butterfly takes me...

Blogger Buddy Zzzzzz, a frequent commentor here and owner of the fine Brick of Shame at Devos IV Blog is a very generous chap - or devious, can't work that one out yet ha ha.

When the Custodes first hit I purchased a number of squads - languishing in the to-do pile - and Zzzzzz had no use for his so gave them to me free on the promise I would one day return in kind with a favour... that time has come ;)

In the post came a box of resin joy and here is where I am so far. Quite fiddly and main superstructure legs are now done, bodies and arms also ready for painting just leaving the task to glue/heat/bend the ammo chutes which looks challenging, but do-able.

I'm looking forward to painting these in a differennt scheme than mine (painted by Mordian7th) so to accompany Zzzzzz's Legio Astorum Titans, like mine, I will be painting these in similar colours - like Legio Consorts, ranging ahead of the larger Titans, fixing larger targets and assassinating smaller foes ahead of the Titan God-Machines!

Soon have some colours laid down and we can go from there. A fair exchange for Custodes I reckon.

Cheers for now, Siph.


  1. Bravo !

    btw, only very tangentially connected - did you pick up the voicemail ?

  2. Good luck, those models have always looked so giddly to me.


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