14 Sept 2018

Reaver Titan - Transfer WIP

Hi one and all,

To complete the Reaver I've decided to try to produce my own transfers. Currently there are no Decal sheets produced by GW, thus I opted to try something new.

I have purchased some water slide decal sheet paper, and will be trying this out over the weekend.

However I decided to print out some 'transfers' to test the size and fit, as well as location. I will be printing off the Legio Crucicus symbol with various sizes to go on the carapace, knee pad and on the weapons. I will also be adding the Titan Owners Club heraldry to the model, which will also have the date for any Titan Walk events the Reaver attends- as well as kill marks.

I will also try to print out scroll work text for the scroll on the Knee pad and top carapace.

The issue with these transfers is that the printer will not print 'white' so I will have to make sure any white needed will be applied to the model prior to adding the decal.

Thanks for Looking! LH


  1. These look great, I’ve plenty of spare Reaver Scroll Work Text decals from my Legio decal sheets I rushed to buy before they were discontinued

  2. Get transperent decal sheets.

  3. do you still have the image you used to make your transfer? I'm trying to make some transfers myself

    1. I used the Crucius logo from google images, which I then altered the size via Word.. let me know if I can help further..


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