21 Sept 2018

Reaver Titan - make your own Decals


I think this might be the last Reaver WIP post before the big reveal, finished post.

As you might have seen, I've painted my titan in the colours of the Legio Crucius. Unfortunately there are no Decal sheets for the legio - so I opted to make my own!

Using some Lazertran Inkjet Decal sheets, I was able to print out my own designs for the titan.

As you might have seen last week, I posted a WIP post about how I printed the symbols to be turned into Decals onto paper first to test fit size etc.

From here I then printed them onto the Decal sheet, and then left them to dry for 30 minutes.

I then prepared the Decals, cropped and trimmed and then added to warm water. The Decals were really easy to apply to the model. And here are the results so far..

The biggest issue with these transfers is the 'white border' you get around the Decal. I ended up trying various techniques with ardcoat and then mirco set to try to remove this. In the end I opted initially for paint on the scroll work on the carapace, with a wash and highlight- this acted nicely as the text then gets a slight 'worn look' about it. The knee pad scroll I simply used Agrax over it- and it worked really well!

Thanks for looking! LH

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  1. Looks great, finally crossing the finishing line, good job. (Can’t help noticing the top Carapace Shield one is not in the centre tho...) Soz.


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