1 Sept 2014

Terrain and Scenery - Mechanicum Reactor Scatter Terrain

Just a little update on my terrain and scenery drive this year, another little piece - a Mechanicum Reactor scatter piece to add some interest and maybe some much needed cover for a hard pressed squad, or to act as an Objective!  This was made using up some Cities of Death spare pieces and will accompany a future build as well as the earlier Mechanicum Ruins I did ages ago.
The bulkheads have been painted in the same style as the Manufactorium Ruins by simply undercoating black then heavy drybrushing Macharius Orange followed by Boltgun Metal. This way you can get great looking terrain painted rapidly and join the fight against plain grey plastic scenery!! Bases are optional, mine make the pieces sturdy and can rulewise delineate the 'moves through cover' etc. It is cut from a sheet of 3mm hardwood (fibreboard) and sanded at the edges to give a smooth curve.

For more Terrain ideas and to join in the fight against plain grey plastic scenery, see the TERRAIN posts. Thanks for reading.


  1. These terrain pieces look fantastic! I like the way the orange and boltgun dry brushing lets them pop just enough to look good, but not pull away from the mini's on the table. Nicely done!

  2. Nice! I really dig that paint scheme, and the 1x1 outbuilding reactor is a great idea. Very cool!


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