24 Sep 2014

Iron Warriors - Land Raider

Hi everyone - today I am showing off my Iron Warriors Land Raider that I painted ages ago but forgot to take pics of...so sorry about that...
As with most of my vehicles, the Land Raider is kitted out with Forgeworld doors to fit in with the rest of the army.

I've added a couple of little extras to the model; some lock-boxes and fuel tanks I had lying around and a little missile launcher that can be a counts-as Havok Launcher.
 The Lsscannons got a bit of blue glowing effects so that it also matches with the components of my army with Plasma or big glowy engines (that's a technical term in the grim-dark).


  1. Chris, the way you do metal is awesome. The damage and rust is incredibly realistic, particularly on the hazard striped parts. Ever thought of doing a tutorial?

  2. Nice job! The weathering definitely looks great. Nice scratches, damage, rust, dust. Great looking tank.

  3. Chris, this is a beauty! is it coming to blog wars?

  4. I second everything Alex and Greg say, plus add the OSL blue really pops and lifts an otherwise (great) dull metal and dirt paintjob. Love it.


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