7 Sept 2009

Ultramarine Tactical squad 1

Finally I've completed tactical squad 1, for the 2nd company. These guys I first painted up 13-14 years ago! I've updated the paint scheme, and changed the yellow trim from bad moon yellow, to a more subtle golden yellow. I've highlighted the ultramarine blue with a very light fortress grey, and then added additional grey to the prominent areas. (knee pads etc) The final stage was to add black shading around the armour plates to add depth.

The rhino has had the same paint scheme as the marines. The tactical arrow was painted using a masking technique. I used masking tape in the shape of the arrow on top of the blue and sprayed with skull white. This allowed the arrow to be sharp and crisp. I found this technique alot easier than trying to paint the white on top of the blue. Again I added shade with black in the recesses.


  1. Old school, very nice. My first Ultramarine army had a very similar colour scheme.

  2. Thanks Oni, I loved the scheme the moment I discovered 40k! Gold shoulder trim for the 2nd company
    doesn't fit right in my eyes..

  3. About time eh? 14yrs for a single squad! Ha Ha, I've seen gamers in your FLGS younger than that! Keep going fella, will do some more myself soon.

  4. Ha is that a rogue trader era Multi Melta? This pic reminds me of having to do these conversions when there were no dedicated heavy weapons for the new mk7 armour variant. Nice minis and great to see some vintage marines on display!

  5. ha, Neal Bosher indeed! its definatly an armour through the ages. The MM is, as you pointed out is a rogue trader weapon. The legs are from the warriors of the imperium set, and a 40k 3rd generation body and head. I really like this model as the heavy weapon looks more 'tactical'


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