19 Jun 2009

Relictors Tactical Squad VI - first half done

A short post, I'm off this weekend to Pornstarjedi's so we should get another battle in under our belts. In the meantine, i've been very slowly adding to my troops choices. These are the first half of my final Tactical Squad. I now have 55 Tactical marines and 5 rhino's for now - one sqd will have a drop pod until i do another APC but that is low down on the eventual project list. I am aiming for an entire Battle Company, plus additional Armoury/Fast/Elite choices.

Next on the list after this squad will be my Assault Troops, adding to the 5 man sqd I painted eons ago - I think the challenge might be to paint those the same style as the assault troops I painted back then, they were something like the 3rd-8th models I'd ever painted.

We'll see...


  1. Looking good Siph, I'm definitely going to stop trying to do full 10 man squads at once, and break them into combat squads so the painting doesn't seem so daunting.

  2. Nice work. What happened to the Cypher backpacks though?

  3. Thanks Tristan and Gothmog, the Cypher packs are for the Sternguard only - otherwise that might just break the bank and the 'schedule' - re-backpacking a hundred weemen!
    I've still got the rest of the sternguard to start - one with a hvy bolter and the army set LE Sgt with storm bolter and powersword.

  4. Very nice. I always enjoy seeing the progress you make on your Relictors.


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