21 Jun 2009

Relictor Force so far...

Here is a quick snap look at the Relictor Force to date. I have just had the weekend gaming with Pornstarjedi so a Batrep should follow when he gets the photos up. I was rather hungover and had nothing better to do this Sunday evening so I got the weemen out of their transport cases and sorted them back into their respective squads and repaired any battle damage (Thunderfire fell off the table and onto the hardwood floor at one point! Ouch)

While I was at it, I thought, hell that would make a nice picture - and voila! Enjoy. Now I need to finish some HQ, Elite and Fast Attack choices.

Only my old 2mp camera so pictures will not be the best qualty but big-ish pictures are available in the sidebar album 'Finished Relictors'>>>>>>>>>


  1. Hey Siph are there no larger pics?

  2. Brilliant!

    Such a good sight to see, Siph!

    - Drax

  3. Sry, away from my normal camera, this one is only 2mp. Larger pics in sidebar album 'finished relictors' but not great.

  4. Thanks for following my blog, Siph. Great looking Relictors force!

  5. Nice to see an interesting army. I love family pictures of this kind as they show if all elements in the army "work together" visually. Don't forget to re-post after acquiring a better camera.

  6. Siph, I like your choice of chapter marking a lot more than the one on BoLS and elsewhere. It's a shame there's so few of those on the vehicle transfer sheet, but fortunately there's several on the Witch Hunters sheets.

  7. Cheers everyone, erfunk, there are plenty of large skulls on the IG Vehicle sheet too. That's where i get the most from, the shoulderpad skulls are on the SM transfer sheet already. The badge is a pentinent badge in the fluff anyway so i don't think it matters what it looks like because it is not a 'codex' badge anyway. Thanks for your comment - you going to post DH/WH on your blog then? Ha


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