23 Nov 2017

Reaver Titan - WIP #18 - 'Compare the Reaver dot com'

Hi All.

Not much progress this week due to reasons IRL, so I was keen to compare the Reaver Titan to other 40k models I have recently painted and some are a nice size comparison... here are my results! Enjoy some hobby pictures.

Reaver Vs Magnus the Red
 Reaver TitanVs Roboute Guilliman
 Reaver Titan Vs Imperial Knight
 Reaver Titan Vs Yarrick and a Space Marine
 Reaver Titan Volcano Cannon vs Marine
 Knee Pad Vs Marine
As you can see the Reaver kit is sizable, and has taken a load of time and planning to get to this stage. I'm definitely thinking a Warlord in 2018 could be a fun project... Maybe.

Hope you enjoyed this size comparison album, Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.


  1. Wow, that is looking fantastic!

  2. thanks! its starting to come together well..


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