10 Oct 2014

Necron Crypteks - First 2 of 4 Completed

Hello good readers, welcome back. Here are my latest creations, two of the four Crypteks I am making from converted parts. Firstly, here's the one made from a WFB Wraith, wrists made from pieces of Praetorian Abyssal staff trimmed to fit the sleeves, the staff itself and a Deathmark head. Simple to do and my favourite one.
Secondly, the Cryptek made from a Warrior Torso and Legs, a finecast Cryptek arm, a Triarch Praetorian Abyssal Staff and a cod-piece from a Command Barge pulpit.
Here's how they both fit in with the Warrior Squads.

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you like something here and get some ideas of your own.


Greg Hess said...

The crypteks look fantastic! Well done!

Mordian7th said...

Excellent work, man! Love how those turned out!

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