29 Jan 2013

Dreadball - McDeaths

So at our FLGS (Worthy Games), we have started playing Dreadball, which you might have seen floating around.
If you’ve not seen/ heard of it, Its an action/sports game based around american football , played with your usual assortment of fantastical creatures (Humans, Orks, Ratmen and Dwarves so far), so obvious comparisons are drawn to Bloodbowl...although it plays a bit differently; its faster paced and the game mechanics make it feel (to me at least), like you are playing a well thought out and dedicated sports game.

The teams are nice and cheap at £15 and come in their own case, which are like foam filled VHS boxes (sure I’ve seen that somewhere else...).
I’ve gone for the Ork/Goblin themed ones and decided that they would need some corporate sponsorship. In the Demolition Man, it was Taco Bell who won the corporation wars but come on...it would really be McDs (who in my mind went on to buy and run America...so really these guys would be the US national team...). Hence, the McDeaths!


Tristan M said...

great paint job, love the details you put on the base so it matches the field.

I am pretty snobbish about my blood bowl so I didn't bother to pick up this, but from what I've read it sounds a lot more like basketball than football - thoughts?

the 6th degree said...

Cheers Tristan - in early games I had problems remembering exactly where my front arc was (because some of the models kind of faced two of the sides) - hence the red lines a well.

From the games I have had, there has been a fair bit of passing the ball around with the occasional long runs - so I guess you could relate it more to basketball than football.

I would say it plays much more quickly than Bloodbowl - there is no resetting once a goal has been scored and there is no changing ends; the ball just flies back onto the pitch in the middle and you go for it again. I think it feels much more like a well thought-out sports table-top game whereas Bloodbowl feels kind of like your favourite WFB army crammed into some fopotball rules in comparison...if that makes sense?

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