27 Aug 2012

Relictors Devastator Squad IX - First Half

So I haven't been totally idle on this overcast and grey Bank Holiday. I've finished off the first half of my 2nd Devastator Squad. The first were in MKIII Iron Armour (found here). The first two troopers with heavy weapons have been armed with Missile Launchers ahead of the FAQ regarding Flakk Missiles and who has them...  they are also the spare marines from Tactical Squad's III and VI, who now have Multi-Melta armed troops instead. So, waste not, I re-badged their Pauldrons and Knees with Devastator markings, and added an aerial to one of the helmets.

Every member of the Devastator Squad has an aerial helmet to aid the vox chatter from the Sergeant Signum readouts etc.
This is the Sergeant, my favourite of the squad so far, real badass looking I think. It's a replacement aerial and the Black Templar boltgun in a casual pose that does it I think. He is also the only Sergeant I have who doesn't have a back banner, the Signum not leaving much room for a banner, so his squad marking is on the top of the Signum in numerals instead. Operational not decorational.


Dai said...

All they mean is "business".

Great stuff.

Siph_Horridus said...

Thanks Dai, loving your Raven Guard too! Good job on the reclaimation of an old Landspeeder!

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