6 Sep 2011

Weeman 3way

The time has come for the Weeman Crew to gain bragging rights for the next few months, with the first Weeman 3way. The plan is simple, a whole days battle at the home of 40k, GW HQ in Lenton on one of their games table. I will be developing a scenario that will pit the might of the Relictors, against the deadly Tyranids, and the hellish Daemons....

I will aim to have the scenario blogged over the next few weeks, as well as developmental rules for the 3way to see what you all think, and make adjustments as required.

The battle will be a big one, 3000 points each, so there will be 9000 points on the table- all vying for supremacy! I'm aiming to have my new daemon army finished for the battle- I'd better get painting!

Who will come out on top? Who will have their ego's boosted, whilst the others have theirs deflated.... And for the winner- the Golden Daemon trophy- until the next battle!!


the 6th degree said...

Ohhhh yeeeeeaaaahhhhhh!

Cant wait - this is going to fun!

Can we expect to see any Titans/Apoc rules (cos I have no idea how to take down a Titan with a Hormagaunt....)?

Siph_Horridus said...

No titans or Superheavies... just lots of meat for the 'Nid grinder. IA Drop Pod rules for Dreads is in, and might have a few IA SM Characters? Haven't made a list yet - but I guess I'll be bringing everything I've painted more or less!

pornstarjedi said...

Its going to be awesome- the question is can I complete my daemon army in time?!?!

Think we should do away with the normal army lists (ie 2 HQ/3 Elite etc) slightly- makes it more fun!

Will start the build up over the next few days...

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