31 May 2011

Blog Wars 2011 - Relictors List

So in the spirit of BlogWars and it being a fun event, I have posted my list below for everyone to see. It's just a vanilla marine list with the Chaplain and Termies as the "hammer unit", the Chaplain for Liturgies of Battle and Digital Weapons and I've not used him since painting recently!

Tigurius as a "thorn-in-your-side unit" with the Sternguard i reckon, not sold on this yet, some playtesting may have been useful - oh well, some Psychic badass in a drop pod with AP3 hot shot ammo spewing Sternguard to take out objective holding troops, 3 powers per turn too, to survive once arrived in first turn Drop Pod assault.

Combat squad the troops to give 4 scoring units if it's about objectives. And a rhino for cover or to eat up the distance.

Assault Squad and Attack Bike as some mobile hitters, be it tanks or transports. I think I lack some half decent anti-tank so might suffer against IG however I haven't painted any Devestators yet so the two Multi-Meltas, two Melta and PowerFist will have to do.

The Rifleman is fun and haven't used him yet so hopefully he can dish out some reliable Anti-Transport fire with those 4 twin linked S7 Autocannon shots! Nice Dakka.

I sent off this list before I converted my Combi-Melta's so they have not been included, doh!

Chief Librarian Tigurius (Named Character)230
Chaplain (Digital Wpns (10)/Terminator Armour/Storm Bolter(30))140

Tactical Squad x10 (Plasma Gun(10)/Missile Launcher/Storm Bolter(10)/Powersword(15) 205
Tactical Squad x10 (Melta Gun(5)/Heavy Bolter/Rhino(35))210

Terminator Assault Squad x5 (Landraider Redeemer(240)/Multimelta(10))450
Sternguard Sqd x5 (Heavy Flamer(10)/Drop Pod(35))170
Dreadnought (2x Twin Linked Auto Cannon(20)/Extra Armour(15))140

Attack Bike (Multi Melta(10)) 50
Assault Squad x5 (Flamer(10)/Storm Shield(15)/Power Fist(25)/Melta Bombs(5))155

I'm really looking forward to this event, should be a blast! 3 games at least in 1 day - unheard of for Pornstarjedi and me, we usually do big points and long games, should be different and an eye opener to semi-competitive play. Will be good to meet the faces behind our British blogs and to catch up with 6th Degree, our other WeeMan from up north (north to us south coasters...).


the 6th degree said...

Nice list (from my POV at least)! I was worried that everyone would be going mech-heavy.

It looks like I might have some troops to munch on after all...

Looking forward to it now.

Andy - bG said...

Definitely looking forward to seeing you guys there. Thats a fine looking list.

That hammer unit is pretty scary, and I'd love to see a showdown with my similar unit if we ever got a game. I imagine the carnage on either side would be tremendous!

O'Shashar said...

Looks to be a solid list and nice to see a Vanilla list coming to Blogwars best of luck.


Atreides said...

nice list and lovely looking army! cant wait to see it in the flesh.

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