20 Nov 2023

Imperial Knights - Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum - Armiger Warglaive #3

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. Hot on the heels of last week's Imperial Knight Paladin, the bonus Armiger I bought with it was also completed in my Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum scheme. Meet Armiger Squire - Knave Erasmus riding Warglaive 'Cowards Bane'.
A mighty Thermal Spear, Melta Gun and an Armiger Chain Cleaver these nimble Knight Squires accompany the larger Knights, scouting for enemies and are quite effective in close combat too.
The Chain-Cleaver, a smaller derivative of the Reaper Chainsword of the Questoris Knights, but mighty compared to an Astartes Chainsword!
I added the accent colours of brass mirroring the Questoris schemes.
The Thermal Spear is a mighty Multi-Melta type weapon, easily melting armoured vehicles and heavy troops to molten slag. I added heat staining to both the Thermal Spear and Melta Gun barrels.
And now I have three Armiger Warglaives mirroring the three Armiger Helverins I also have. That makes 21 Knights in all so far... and I still have that box of Renegade to start and another Questoris Knight to complete...

Knight Seneschal: High King Lucius Darius riding Dominus Castellan 'Adamant Wrath'
Knight Baron: Baron Tybalt riding Questoris Warden 'Triumphal'
Knight Scion: Countess Joscelin riding Dominus Valiant 'Iron God'
Knight Scion: Sir Geraint riding Cerastus Castigator 'Heretics Bane'
Knight Scion: Alpha Augreus Vladimus riding Mechanicum Cerastus Atrapos 'Ryh-83'
Knight Scion: Sir Selwyn riding Questoris Crusdaer 'Honour Intractable'
Knight Scion: Sir Greigor riding Questoris Paladin 'Oathkeeper'
Knight Scion: Sir Olwyn riding Questoris Paladin 'Honoured Vigilance'
Knight Scion: Sir Karyx riding Questoris Paladin 'Unyielding Astra'
Knight Scion: Sir Taurus riding Questoris Gallant 'Carnivore'
Knight Scion: Lady Natanya riding Questoris Errant 'Gloria Fury'
Knight Scion: Sir Maximilian riding Questoris Errant 'Pride of Lucius'
Armiger Squire: Knave Izrael riding Warglaive 'Bane of Iron'
Armiger Squire: Knave Balthazar riding Warglaive 'Unalloyed Victus'
Armiger Squire: Knave Erasmus riding Warglaive 'Cowards Bane'
Armiger Squire: Knave Luxious riding Helverin 'Fury of Thaemar'
Armiger Squire: Lady Irmaa riding Helverin 'War Strider'
Armiger Squire: Lady Melandra riding Helverin 'Blue Jackal'
Freeblade: Gerantius riding Questoris Errant 'The Forgotten Knight'
Freeblade: Sir Hekhtur the Chainbreaker riding Questoris Preceptor 'Canis Rex'
Custodes Indentured Knight: Sir Hestor riding Questoris Errant 'Imperius Rex'

Cheers, Siph (5pts)


  1. So many fine engines! Cheers. Great work on these three, as always.

  2. That's a veritable sea of squires and knights to clear the streets of Xyphonica as the 72nd Army Group squeeze the rebels ever tighter...

  3. Whoa! That's a lot of Knights! Awesome! Yeah, always like the idea of banners of Knights fighting at the side of Titans, dwarfed but still deadly.


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