4 Apr 2016

Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii Onager Dunecrawler w/ Icarus Array

Welcome Readers, thanks for stopping by in our humble corner of the blogosphere. This is my latest addition to the glorious Ad Mech forces I purchased from Mordian7th, so now the job of adding my own painting skills to match his and more importantly match the existing forces so they appear as one cohesive force together. I think I did quite well in those regards.
I matched the red as best I could using a blend of Gore Red and Blood Red and also matched the golds and blues of the cables seen in the first Onager Dunecrawler, I also copied the white stripe on the front from the schemes seen in GW.
I added the foot spreading plates to differ it from the first, also more importantly I armed it with the fearsome Icarus Array for some much needed Anti-Air and equally capable of taking out Marines or light vehicles too.
I really enjoyed painting this miniature, it is very different from the recent Relictors Space Marine bikes. And the kit was a great kit to make, really good with lots of subtle differences and choices of gubbins and aerials.
The base was decorated with spare bits from a Tau Stormsurge cannon and Frag Launcher. Its a big base and otherwise would look too plain without something breaking up the expanse.
I think the Icarus Array looks awesome from the front. A Gatling Rocket Launcher (Hvy 5, S6, AP4) as well as Daedalus Missile Launcher (S7, AP2) plus the twin-linked Autocannon (Hvy 2, S7, AP4) all with Skyfire and the Autocannon has Interceptor which can be used to intercept and the rest of the array can target something else in the subsequent Shooting phase.
I also added a Cognis Heavy Stubber for more Dakka Dakka! Its cheap and I know how annoying those extra pew pew can be, Imperial Knights have often taken a few extra Marines during a battle.
And here is the family group shot with the first Onager Dunecrawler with Neutron Laser. So that is now a 5++ with the Field Harmonics from the combined Emanatus Force Fields instead of the single model's 6++.


  1. Have you thought about highlighting the gold? A mixture of silver with the gold provides a good highlight. it's looking good. One of these days I will get around to starting Mechanicus. I have to finish my other armies first.

  2. @turkdactyl, you are correct, I missed the highlight, I normally do a Runefang Steel drybrush highlight, I must fix that.

    @GunGrave, cheers

  3. Really nice. Great job on matching Mordians work. They look seamless together :)

  4. You underestimate your skills, Your work blends with mordians work pretty seamlessly. The base is good too! Good job!

  5. Looks fantastic. Love the paint job. I love using the Icarus Array but the only disappointing thing is being lumbered with Skyfire if there are not flyers/skimmers on the table (or if you have already vanquished them). Snap shooting at ground targets is a shame with all those shots. At least the stubber helps a bit! No jinking for the Gatling Rocket Launcher is nice though!

  6. Really really nice! Love the red, it's got lots of smooth tones in it.

    Forgive my ignorance, but the knee pads look quite chaosy. Is that how they come, or are you a renegade faction? Maybe it's just the gold trim? I dunno. Not a crticism, just very curious!


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