27 Dec 2013

Necron C'Tan Shard / Transcendent C'Tan

I was lucky enough to get a Necron Obelisk / Tesseract Vault for Christmas and have decided to build it as an Obelisk for that lovely Gravity Pulse each turn to ground flyers... there is always next year for a Tesseract Vault! So as I build and paint the big bit, the leftovers give enough pieces for a C'Tan Shard or as Alex (From the Fang) points out, a Transcendent C'Tan!
I decided to build it with a metal base piece so imply it is still under the control of a Necron Overlord, and from a black base I built up the colours from Scab Red through to Yellow. I know fire glows the brightest from the centre, but I'll leave that to the next year's Shard...
He has a simple collar and face mask to reflect the same colour scheme as the Necron Warriors with a little brass Icon. A bonus miniature, from leftovers - nice!

Hope you all had a good Christmas and a nice New Year!


  1. Can you not also use him as a transcendent c'tan?

  2. Yep... but I have no idea what the rules for that are?! Where are they? In IA book or Apoc?

  3. They're in the dreaded Escalation book but also Apoc

  4. Ah yes, just read up... nice rules, Necrons answer to Titans.


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