23 Dec 2013

Relictors Space Marine StormTalon Gunship #2

Hi All, hope you are finished with work for the Crimbo Season, if not, thank-you for doing whatever essential work you do. I am lucky enough to be home for Christmas, many of my colleagues are not and are at sea over this period.

Anyway, thought I should post something I have just finished, my second StormTalon Gunship, finally completed after many a month in the pile of boxes labelled 'to-do', I bought this one at the same time as the first, so a while back! The first StormTalon can be found here, completed in Jun 2012.

This one is armed with Skyhammer Missles, for that lovely long range and S7 Heavy 3 goodness. Should ensure he takes out whatever anti-air the opposing force has on his arrival and then can get to grips with the support role. I've not bothered with magnetising the weapons as the first one has been, I envisage getting more use from a Skyhammer Armed Stormtalon. The Assault Cannon's are moveable side-to-side, here tracking where the pilot is looking.
The Techmarine pilot is painted to match the other Techmarines I have in the army already, grey arms and helmet but Mechanicus red armour. The wings are angled at 45 degrees and the landing gear has been extended to indicate it is either in the hover or coming to a hover. Again, I have glued the wings 'backward' to give a better more streamlined profile from above, more conventional wing like than the GW intended design.
The yellow missiles match the other missiles in the army, like the Centurion Sergeant chest weapon, Deathstorm Drop Pod and Whirlwind - visually linking it in with these.
The base is the only area I think I can easily improve with the next flyer, my flying bases so far are really simple and it seems like a waste of good basing to have them plain as they are.  Maybe a little scenery on the next flyer...

Finally, a shot with the first StormTalon, a nice pair of escorts to add some serious firepower to the army so far. And more importantly, another one off the to-do pile before Santa (hopefully) delivers yet more goodies!


  1. I've always loved the grey with yellow combination - goes so well together.

    The Talon looks the bits - I think I prefer the missile pod one to the lascannon version.

    Great work matey.

  2. Love it! What colors did you use? I'd love to make one like it. Thanks!

  3. @ Frothing Muppet, Thanks mate.
    @ Unknown Anon... Dawnstone, washed Nuln Oil, Highlight Administratum Grey. You can use Army Painter Uniform Grey Spray as a basecoat as it matches Dawnstone.

  4. Thanks for the info and inspiration!


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