10 Nov 2009

Relictors Assault Squad progress

Well I first painted 5 of these guys at the very begining of my painting times. They were something like the 3rd-8th-ish models I painted - however after many games against Pornstarjedi and his Ultramarines, I saw that 5 just weren't cutting it anymore, even with the Assault Chaplain attached - the guys literally acted as chaff for the Chaplain.

So in order to address this, I have been busy painting another 5 to match and complete the squad. I want ten man squads as these give me options to field - plasma pistols, flamer, 8,9,or 10 depending on spare points etc. but mostly because I am still working toward getting a full Battle Company of Relictors done.
You might have noted from the Siph's Project List in the sidebar I still have a number of Assault Marines and 2 full Squads of Devastators to do, plus transports, HQ, etc. The good thing is that the Tactical Squads are all finished (with the exception of a single Rhino), 60 battle brothers and 5 Rhinos, 1 drop pod instead.

I am back at work at the moment so unable to blog as usual, this is a scheduled post coming at you whilst I am away. Hopefully Pornstarjedi is keeping Weemen afloat until my return. I have packed a 10 man Assault Squad to try to do whilst I am away - hopefully I'll at least be able to do the basecoats or something before I need supplies or something I'd forgotten to pack. We'll wait and see around Christmas when I plan to get home...

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  1. You're improvement definitely shows buddy - might be worth going back to those original five when your company is complete.


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