29 Sept 2009

Warhound Titan WIP Pictures

These are some of the photo updates I was sent during the Warhound's construction. At every stage I was consulted about the details. I sent a colour spread from the Vraks IA book to show what sort of colour scheme I wanted and he took it from there. I'll let the pictures do the talking...I think you would agree, that is an awesome good job done on the details. Next Warhound post will be the finished article in all his glory and details about the artist if you now feel the need to get a similar project up and away. The base matches my Guard and Relictors perfectly and I have just got to sort out a few issues which happened in transit (Special Delivery, Fragile and insured but still it looks like it was treated as a football by our loving post office) and then post pics. Now where are those toes!?...


  1. That is looking really good.

  2. Looks like your guy did an awesome job on this. Shame about the post though.


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