29 Sept 2009

Something BIG is coming...

An early WIP Update Shot

Okay, the cat (or hound) is out of the bag... I haven't been around much due to work commitments but that does mean I'm not short on hobby cash. So, in true cop out fashion - I commissioned someone else to do a Warhound for me at a reasonable price I might add. Firstly in my defence I must point out that I saw this guy's work on his website and CMON and knew I wouldn't be able to give my Warhound the justice it would now deserve at this stage of my hobby painting skill development, an expensive FW resin boy like this is not one to experiment on, and secondly - ah blow it, I don't care - this is frakkin' awesome. It is due to arrive from the mail today so once I've picked myself off the floor I'll post some pics and steer anyone else out there with more cash than time, or if you want a Golden Daemon standard centrepiece, to his website and Warseer thread.

Pornstarjedi is going to have his Reaver done by Christmas, in time for when I am next back from work! Boo Hoo.


  1. Sometimes it's better to bite it and just have someone else paint your stuff. Like you said "an expensive FW resin boy like this is not one to experiment on". I couldn't agree more.

  2. I can't wait to see the finished product! And there is certainly nothing wrong with getting a little help with a big/expensive project.

  3. And I thought i'd get a roasting from you Inner G! Ha, I guess what matters is I get a Warhound. Done. Nuff said. Awesome.


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