25 Sept 2009

Imperial Guard - Vraks PDF Leman Russ Update

Just a quick update. Basecoated the first tank in it's Camouflage pattern. This is a Company Command Tank hence the Hull Lascannon rather than a Heavy Bolter for the other Squadron Command Tanks, Searchlight, Track Guards, aerials for Improved Comms and he'll also get a Dozer Blade. 7 tanks primed and Red, 3 to go and 9 to 'Beige up'.

Question is - do I keep the dozer blade bare metal or just paint trims of it Camo, or whole blade Camo? And the Hull and Sponson weapons main bodies - Camo or not? What do you guys think?


  1. I'd say paint it camo since it would probably go through the whole painting process with the rest of the tank when it's set up for operations in a certain theater. Then weather it down to the bare metal to make it look like it's used all the time.

  2. Looking good mate. I'd say go for bare metal personally.

  3. The camo pattern has worked well,

  4. What Ron said: camo the dozer blade up, then weather it beaten to hell.


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