15 Jun 2015

Blog Wars 9 Lord Halfpenny Battles (Picture Heavy)

Hi one and all,

So the dust settles after another amazing Blog Wars tournament. Thanks again to Alex over at fromthefang for arranging the event. I decided to opted to take a combination of 3 Imperial Knights, and Beilal and 2 squads of Deathwing terminators - one being a squad of Deathwing Knights.

The three battles I fought were:
  1. Dave Weston with his Tyranid Force from http://40kaddict.blogspot.co.uk/
  2. Gary Hoptroff with his Blood Angels and Imperial Knight
  3. Peter Barrett with a Necron Decurion Detachment
I did plan on taking loads of notes, and images - however in the swing of the games notes when by the wayside - I'm adding in a few of the highlights from each game.

Game 1.

I really enjoyed the battle with Dave, I've fought Tyranids for Years, with the6thdegree having a 'nid army since we were 'kids' also having an Ultramarine force, I like nothing better than squishing a few bugs. My force included 4 new 'untested' units, would they suffer the normal 'new unit' syndrome and die before turn 3?? This game took place on the 'top table' this was the luck of the draw, but it felt good to be at the top of the pile..
  • all 3 knights moved forward throughout the game, finally getting into combat and destroying everything in sight
  • The knight Paladin 'Calgar' turned back to attack the Genestealers, this however cost him his life as the GS took his final HP in combat - the blast wiped out 2 full squads of GS
  • Terminators hack their way though the Tyranid lines, their numbers slowly getting whittled down
  • Lord Daverous mounts the skyshield and destroys the Xenos hiding there - killing the Tervigon in single combat- killing Gaunts in the process- the carcass of the Terv is throw at the Zenothrope causing a wound.
The games ends with a win to the Knights/Dark Angels. 1335 to 600 

Game 2

The second game saw me coming up against Gary with a Knight the first time I've ever faced a knight!- how would my knights do? the battle was over the 3 relics- My Dark Angels were prepped for a Turn 1 arrival. Gary only deployed the Knight, the Dante and Blood Angels all in reserve.
  • Combined fire from the Knights and Deathwing Assault Cannon reduced the Knight to 1 HP
  • The Knight charged the Deathwing Knights, who smashed it in single combat with the maces in 'smite' mode
  • Remaining Blood Angels force arrives- however all are slowly taken out by fire from the knights and Dark Angels in combat
  • Dante is killed under the boot of Sir Calgar- having been reduced to 4 HP
  • Death Company and Scouts are blasted off the board
  •  Tabled by Turn 5- all objectives secured
The Game ends with a score of 30 to 0

Game 3

The final game, one table 3- Thoughts turned to a good win and maybe getting inside the top 5- however my greatest fear sat waiting for me.. Necrons.. The game with Peter was really good fun, however my rolling deserted me in this game, losing 2 knights in quick succession. The game was the Maelstrom format, meaning objectives were picked each turn. I really enjoyed this game- even though I got my shine Knight arse handed to me..

  • Sir Calgar and Kirk taken out under heavy Gauss fire
  • Both armies successful in claiming several objectives
  • towards Turn 3 the Knight/Dark Angel force was limited, allowing free access for the Necron force to claim objectives
The game finished 7- 13, a lot closer than I feared after the 2 knights died by Turn 2..

Overall a great Event, I finished in 11th out of 48- not a bad effort. The games were great fun, and thoroughly enjoyable. Knights are very good, however they do have several weaknesses. Gauss and rending claws are one of them!

Now what should I have ready for Blog Wars 10...

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Greg Hess said...

Great photos, and the army performed very well! I'd be happy with those results!

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