15 Sep 2014

Relictors Assault Centurion Sergeant

Hello good readers, thanks for dropping in. Here is my latest addition to the ever growing Relictors Battle Company, some new Assault Centurions! Here is the Sergeant, the rest of the squad are following nicely.
Now these are chunky mofo's. Cetrainly a labour of love, I wouldn't want to paint anymore of these, they do take up some time, at one point I think I had over 50 components in the factory production line and that was with part built assemblies.
Every component has details and you need to part paint the innards before gluing together, a partlybuilt body with legs and basic arms can be done as one piece, followed by all the support struts, then weapons, cabling, more weapons, codpiece and finally shoulder pauldrons and head. Iused some Maximini skull helmets to emphasise the Relictors feel.
The Sergeant has TL Melta Guns, but the Centurion Marines will have TL Flamers. The Frag Assault Launchers in the chests will ensure they get into battle across terrain in a fit state and if charged may help them survive limiting the number of attacks. And those Siege Drills will make short work of Terminators, Vehicles and most Monstrous Creatures (if survive on Initiative). But I think they'll need a Landraider/StormRaven to get across the field!


Greg Hess said...

You just sold me on those helmets. I've been looking at them forever. Man they look mean!!!

Centurions look great as well! Loving all the little details. Gems look great, the green wreath is really nicely highlighted. Transfers fit in nicely as well.

Siph_Horridus said...

Cheers Greg, and I haven't forgot, when I am home I'll get a shot of all the terrain so far!

Maybe even one of all the Relictors together...

jugger said...

Lookin' good!! Can't wait to put some of these together.

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