2 Jul 2014

Iron Warriors Forgeworld Dreadnought

Today I am showing off another new addition to my Iron Warriors; a Forgeworld Dreadnought. I do like the new Helbrutes, but these Dread's definitely fit into my army much better and I had meant to pic one up for a while now when I saw this mini on eBay going for about a third of the normal cost - and it even had the weapons configuration I wanted...definitely fate!
The mini was already assembled, so I cant comment on the build, but it only needed a little cleaning up before it was good to paint.
Frustratingly, after painting it and being happy with the job, I applied some Purity Seal and got an annoying amount of frosting (not enough to start again - but more than I am really happy with...). Must have been too humid...

1 comment:

Greg Hess said...

Really nice paint job on this model. Looks great. Nice highlighting on the gold bits, and weathering on the legs

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