2 Apr 2012

Ultramarines- WIP

Just a quick Ultramarine update of some of my current ultramarine WIP.

Land Raider Achilles- first up is the Achilles land raider- an unstoppable beast of a tank, which in the battles including an Achilles has never been destroyed.

Dreadnoughts- several dreadnought projects, including a 'mortis' style Contemptor- the Kheres Assault cannons are lethal, having destroyed a Land Raider on the Contemptor's debut.



Dreadnought 2

Captains- the captains from the chapter master set- I've changed the heads on all of the models, as the original heads I felt were too 'long in the neck'

Also included is Captain Sicarius.

Project 1- A purchase off eBay- Captain Invictus- This will be my second version of the model, having previously modelled Invictus on the old Terminator Captain body

Project 2- A mystery Project- can you guess?


Ron Saikowski said...

I curious to know what you think about the Maxmini shoulderpads. Any troubles with them? What do you think about them?

I have a set for my unit of terminators and I'm still debating using them.

Ron, From the Warp

pornstarjedi said...

Hi Ron,

The maximini pads fit the bill perfectly- I really like the look of the pads, in comparison to the norm. A full squad with them would look great!

I'm yet to paint the model yet- I'll keep you posted!

the 6th degree said...

The smurfs are looking good!

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