8 Aug 2016

Terrain and Scenery - Sanctum Imperialis from Renegade Box

Hello Readers, Thanks for dropping in. Here is my latest offering, not satisfied with the huge amount of Terrain and Scenery I managed to complete earlier this year and last year, there was the matter of the Sanctum Imperialis which came in the Imperial Knights Renegade boxset. So, I did some more!
I used a grey primer which helped when spraying the inside, and the outside was sprayed black. I was careful when spraying so the different sides remained different colours. The inside was then sprayed Uniform Grey (AP) and the outside Chaos Black.
The inside was then drybrushed Administratum Grey and washed with Nuln Oil. I used pieces of cut up sprue to create piles of debris at the destroyed ends.
The black areas were drybrushed with Codex Grey and the metal details picked out with golds and leadbelcher washed with Sepia or Nuln Oil respectively. The golds were highlighted with Retributor Gold.
The footplates were drybrushed leadbelcher and washed with Typhus Corrosion.
That's it, another piece finished, I am now at the lucky enough stage were I can pick and choose what terrain we want to put on the table. This is a nice piece, different from all the other pieces I have so far. Go on, do your terrain, they really make the game more enjoyable! (Looking at you Alex, FtF)


  1. Very nice. Sounds (looks, Zzzzz, not sounds, you ninny) like your painting and decorating method is both efficient and effective.

  2. You know you want to dump verdigris all over that gold :)

  3. Zzzzz, thanks mate.

    Greg, cheers - you may be right - if I get a tub of it, I'll defo revisit it and stain it nicely. Not real gold though - that wouldn't verdigris, so the Imperium must have cutbacks too.


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