11 Apr 2016

Titan Base, Bikes, Veterans and Tau Stealth Suits - WIP - Hobby Butterfly

Hi, I suffer Hobby Butterfly Syndrome... from my New Year, New Army post in January I kind of got distracted with Warlord Titan building, updating Ad Mech and now Relictors bikes - but I made some progress... honest.
I really painted up the drone to see what scheme I should use with them, and happy to continue with the scheme, the rest of the squad (plus another two other squads and the Ghostkeel) should get underway after I have finished some more Relictor bikes and paid the Warlord some more attention. But I will get there... honest.
Here is my Dachshund helping me do some of the Relictor Bikes, some of which were finished Melta Squad and Plasma Squad. I still have a number of bikes on the desk WIP...
A shot of the desk, working on Captain Mordaci Blaylock and Sternguard, two Veterans for the long awaited Command Squad, all from the Betrayal at Calth miniatures and some Boarding Shields from FW. Also Grav Bikes and Stealth Suits and a Skitarii Vanguard to test the scheme.
I also did a little carpentry making the base for the Warlord Titan construction...

Does anyone else suffer from HBS... Hobby Butterfly Syndrome?   ;)


  1. Oh hell yes I do!

    in my case it often goes not just from what I'm going to paint-build but also changing my mind about armies I've started collecting (done this with Night Lords, Eldar - twice, Necrons and Blood Angels).

    The only solution I've found is to go with it. You'll never change how you are, and if you force yourself to complete stuff you won't enjoy it. Sometimes it can be worth pushing yourself for a session or two but if the mojo goes, try something else!

  2. Oh god yes, my list of projects is similar to yours!

    Does the warlord needs basing? I've just started my build and I wasn't intending to, but I consider you a Titan guru so it would be great to get your thoughts.

  3. @Nick, glad I am not the only flutterer then! Some sound advice, thanks.

    @ColH, I think it depends on what you will do with the Titan. I don't think it needs one if its just going on display and not being moved around or transported anywhere. I intend to game with mine, albeit not often, but I think such a massive weight of resin bearing down onto those quite thin legs will better stand up to the rigours of game play and moving if linked at the feet as well as the hips, and for such a huge top heavy machine, I guess it depends on your pose somewhat. If both feet are braced wide enough apart it may stop sideways tilting, but may indeed topple forward or backward - a base offers a much bigger surface area to spread the load and centre of gravity remains under the feet. Hope that helps you decide. So, not essential but I think it will help avoid damage. The waist magnets help transportation, the legs based will be a solid piece to transport, apart the hips may experience twisting or sagging in transport.

  4. Definately! So much so that I'm exploring Infinity at the moment!

    That being said, what's the point of having a shiny new Warlord when you don't have enough dirty Xenos to squash??

  5. Cheers Siph, thanks for the advice. I guess I will leave the ankles unpinned for the moment. That way I can screw to a base at the end or pin then.

  6. Definitely a HBS sufferer here. My hobby room is littered with half finished projects. I'm not sure there's a single model in my collection that I'd consider "finished".

    I'm trying to focus but I agree with Nick. You have to go where your mood takes you or it'll be miserable going.

  7. Oh yes I am for sure. I am a sucker for new games and models, although I have had to control my impulses a little recently to try and make a dent in the pile of shame. Over the last year or so I have started Frostgrave, dropzone, 30k, Malifaux, guilball, dreadball, infinity (2 armies) and I have 2 large 40k ones too. I think it is good to paint what you want, as we do this for a hobby and our own personal gratification really :)


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