18 Apr 2016

Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii Vanguard Test Scheme - WIP

Hi all, my hobby butterfly won't settle. So I've been working on a test scheme for my Skitarii Vanguard. I wanted the palette to be darker and broodier than the Rangers I have so far. The rest of the force has a Mars Forgeworld scheme, this one is more like Agripinaa or Lucius with the dark overcoat but the red helmet and lining signifies Mars and helps link it to the others.
As before, to match the Rangers and Mordian7th fine work, I have kept the power cables blue and shoulder armour plates golden. But I have used more Leadbelcher/Boltgun Metal on these, I'm yet to add squad marking as I may not settle on Black coats. Let me know what you think, cheers.
And if you don't know Vanguard, they are the rad-troopers of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the foot slogging soldiers who are armed with the Rad poisoned Radium Carbines (3 shot S3 AP5, each 6 to-wound counts as 2 wounds) or have the ability for 3 troops per squad to be armed with the Plasma Caliver (3 shot Plasma Gun S7 AP2) so each squad can put out a lot of short ranged hurt (18"). Or Arc Rifles (haywire) and Transauranic Arquebus' for Armourbane fun.
The trouble is the box only comes with one of each - so Ebay prices for these special weapons are at a premium... I want 2 squads each with three Plasma Calivers... that will be 30 shots from each squad each turn, 9x S7 AP2 and 21x S3 AP5. That should upset Termies even with Storm Shields!

Let me know what you thinkof this scheme. Too dark? Red Overcoat? Or keep as is. Cheers.


  1. I've seen some people make larger version of those weapons from other kits with some slight modification. Saves you some money, and changes up the squad look at the same time.

    Trying to think of the link I saw..but I think it was just a "heavy" version of the same gun, trimmed to fit.

  2. Lovely red on the helmet in particular, the dark brown near black also has excellent depth to it. Good stuff sir! On a side not I have attempted to send you messages and have not the faintest idea if they have reached you! Let me know if they have my good man and I'll stop pestering you ;)

  3. Nice looking model, is it possible to get a side by side pictures of this and a ranger?

  4. Really nice. I like the muted tones, with the spot colours really standing out nicely as a result. Love the dark red helmet too

  5. Looking good. I'm loving the guns. The eyes are drawn in with the blue and settle in with the gold and red combo. The gold and red work really well together. A thought with the coat. What about painting a red trim on the cloak? You keep the dark aesthetic you want and the red keeps the theme with your other units. The red also separates the dark metal from the dark coat. I'm looking forward to seeing more models. Skitarii are a gorgeous army. Keep it up.

  6. I told Iron Commander to check out your site. Your Rangers are fairly similar. https://ironcommander2.wordpress.com/

  7. Thanks everyone,

    @Greg, yes I've seen the Arc Rifle conversions. But no plasma ones, but I guess I could use SM plasma guns if needed.

    @ Rob, thank you, I liked the Red Helmet too. Hopefully you got my message mate.

    @ Col H, I will post shortly a side by side - should have done that first time really!

    @ NafNaf, thanks, I was going for a more muted look, these are rad troopers, embellishments are not high on their agenda.

    @ Turkdactyl, I'll give that a go and see, thanks for the suggestion. And thanks for link. I'll check him out.

    @ Zzzzzz, cheers mate.

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