13 Apr 2011

Relictors Terminator Captain

This is the latest addition to the Relictor's ever growing Army. Why is it that you have a list of projects (see sidebar) however you always seem to get distracted and plough on with other little projects?Oh well, it's all still Relictors tho, even tho I am getting tempted to Grey Knight dabble to counter Pornstarjedi's new Daemon Army he's working on.Currently working on another Terminator HQ, a Chaplain and continuing with something actually on my project list, a squad of Bikes, the Sergeant's bike is all done, just need to do the rider himself.

Thanks for reading. Hope you like.


  1. Nice work, I like the contrast of the light colored tabard against the grey armour.

    It stands out, but not too much.

  2. Cheers Ron. Glad you are back home at FtW too. Just keep it in perspective from now on - you run the blog, not the blog running you. Great work as always, good luck Fella

  3. Thanks.

    As a side note, how did you paint the cloth. I ave some tabards I'm going to sculpt and may go with a white color, but it has to be different than the armour my guys are wearing and I need a warm white almost tan color.

  4. I usually do my cloth, Dheneb Stone base, Kommando Khaki recesses, bleached bone and skull white highlights. You can always dull down with Sepia or Devlan washes.


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