27 Apr 2011

Reaver Mishap

Well, while Pornstarjedi makes his Reaver rise from the ashes, mine (Honorum) had a nasty fall and has smashed into 15-20 pieces! He was loose at the waist and something glued failed making his top half topple over and smash onto the floor - a drop of about 3 feet onto carpet so the paintjob survived but the joints didn't from the shock damage.

Pics to follow when I've picked myself back up...

He needed gluing and pinning a bit more anyway, this I guess just saves me from pulling him apart. I may have to sacrifice the inside paintjob if I intend to carry-on gaming with him as there are too many parts of the Adamantium Shell that need to be loose in order to get to the fleshy insides... or a massive magnetic bonanza. We'll see.

The Reaver is dead... long live the 2 Reavers (coming soon).


  1. Shedding a single tear for the fallen...

  2. Ouch! Sorry to hear, but if it needed more pinning than it may be a blessing in disguise. Best of luck with the rebuild.


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