10 Jan 2011

2011- the year of the Reaver!

Hi all, - and a happy New Year.

2010 had its highs (terminus, vanguards-pictures to follow) however the epic fail was an inability to finish (and before you say Siph- start) my forgeworld Reaver Titan. I've decided that 2011 will be the year I get the bad boy complete!

Currently the model is washed, scrubbed and ready to go. I have decided to go for a base for the model, based on the GW battlescape terrain piece. I'm also going to try and magnetise the arms to allow different wargear options. I'm also looking to acquire, and convert the load outs that aren't currently available through the FW website- including a vortex missile option.

Currently there are no definite paint schemes- I did contemplate the idea of a half red/half black with the distinctive yellow head. I've got got plans to include an unfortunate Relictor (not sure what yet) and a dead tyranid (sorry Siph- the 6th degree!!)

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