9 Nov 2010

Tervigon Conversion

Hi all, I’m back with another update from Hive Fleet Thorn and today I would like to introduce you to our newest member – my Tervigon!

The Tervigon is one of the new ‘Nid units to me and was introduced during my break from 40K. And it’s a great addition – if you aren’t aware; the Tervigon is a monstrous creature that can be used as a ‘Nid HQ or Troop choice and is the ultimate support unit. It has synapse, a ton of high Toughness wounds and some very useful psychic powers (it can grant Feel No Pain to a unit/allow a unit to run and shoot in the same turn amongst others). Oh, and did I mention that it also poops out 3D6 Termagants per turn (its stops after a double is rolled).

It is such a useful unit that you will be hard pushed to find a ‘Nid list that doesn’t field at least one of these big mommas. It is surprising then, that GW or FW doesn’t sell a Tervigon model (it would surely make a lot more sense to produce one instead of some of the other units available….I’m looking at you Pyrovore).

However this provides the perfect opportunity to make one yourself! This is the Tervigon I managed to knock together:

Like many Tervigon builds you can find on the net – this one is based on the Carnifex boxed set. I really wanted to give it a size boost over the Carnifex though and make it look like it is capable of birthing dozens of Termagants; so very briefly, this is how it was made:

  • Construct the Carnifex torso as normal; however it is reversed – so the tail end is going to be where the head is.

  • Place the spine-cluster torso plate over the head area to look like a hood and to represent the Tervigons ranged arsenal.

  • The head was placed under the hood and green stuff used to fill the gaps.

  • To make the Tervigon larger than a Carnifex, I made a cylinder of green stuff (about 2.5 cm long x 1cm in diameter) and fixed it in the rear hollow of the torso (so the majority was sticking out) and attached the tail to the end. This extended the torso by about an inch and gives an area to later add the Termagant eggs.

  • I took the plain torso plate and attached it over the top of the green stuff cylinder.

  • The legs are now attached – I originally used four monstrous creature scything talons and had it walking on all fours so it looked a little like a tarantula. This took ages and involved propping the model up by the torso to take the weight off the legs whilst they glued in place.

  • I then made some Termagant eggs – at this stage I started running out of green stuff and had to improvise, so used plasticine which I sealed in PVA glue to stop it drying out (which seemed to work quite well). I made lots of eggs of various sizes and then started attaching them to the model.

At this point as I was holding the model vertically, I realised all the detail of the eggs and head were completely lost when it was stood horizontally, and that in a vertical position it appeared much more dynamic…so I quickly removed the rear legs and replaced them with standard Carnifex legs, angled so it appears that the Tervigon is rearing up (I really prefer this pose, although if I make another one I will have it walking as I originally intended but aim to make it more dynamic whilst modelling it).

The model was finished by adding a second set of smaller scything talons that appear to be striking out.

I’m very happy with the model and can’t wait to paint it. It looks like an absolute monster in comparison to other models and I think its going to make a great addition to the Hive.

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  1. Nice use of bits mate, will look great when painted up too.


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