24 Jul 2014

Necron Warriors - Squad #2

Hello Reader, I am back from my oversea adventures for now and adding to the weemen 'done' pile, but the 'yet to do' pile doesn't seem to go down - darn you FW and GW!

Nothing fancy here, just another squad of Warriors to slowly add to the Necron Army - these will no doubt be transported in one of the Night Scythes already done. Lots more to do for this army, however I'm feeling the need to branch out with some Allies perhaps... hmmm... what to choose? I'm thinking some Tau maybe?

Thanks for dropping by.


Greg Hess said...

When choosing allies, I feel the best selection is one that fills the gap in your current faction.

For necrons, that is close combat and psychic powers. Outside of wraiths and a destroyer lord, there isn't much in the way the necron army can handle a dedicated CC unit.

Necrons also have zero psychic defense (other then the ghost thingy on the canoptek spyders).

Daemons would provide both CC ability, invuln saves (another thing necrons lack), and psychic defense.

Siph_Horridus said...

Cheers for the input Greg. I am working on a few Daemons as it happens, with Daemonology summoning for my Relictors. They fight chaos using chaos in the fluff, so what better excuse to field some Daemons and cheap Librarians, in which the Relictors have many. It's good knowing they can double up as the Necron Allies too.

I am looking forward to getting some Allies more for the chance to paint different colours, Daemons and Tau with great for this.

Greg Hess said...

I think choosing tau because you like the models more then "allies which work well with my army" is a perfectly valid choice.

I think having already had access to daemons, they'd work well with your necrons (plus wouldn't have to really buy anything else), but if you've got a hankering for some giant robots, tau is the only thing that will fill that need :).

Tau's main boon would be longer ranged support weapons. Most of the necron engagement range is 24 inches, where tau is in the 30-36 inch range.

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