20 Oct 2012

Some Old-School Carnifexes

Hi all – back to stripping/re-purposing some of my 'Nids, here we have a pair of old Carnifexes.

The first is a 2nd Ed Screamer Killer (AKA Mr. Huggy) that I picked up on eBay for about £5.00 a few years back. I used to have one of these models when I used to play in 2nd Ed – so I had to get one again.

I originally converted it to be a Dakka-Fex and you might see it cropping up in a few older pics from Blog Wars 1, but since getting a newer Dakka-Fex which looks way better IMO, I thought I would pull it apart and build.paint it up as intended.
The second Carnifex here is a 4th Ed (??? Please correct me if I’m wrong – I wasn’t playing in 4th Ed) model which was another eBay steal and had some horrible Scything Talons and a rather useless Venom Cannon. Not exactly an optimal loadout.... Seeing as I wasn’t a fan, this one got stripped and took the dakka-arms from the older Carnifex. It probably wont get much play – but hey, a spare Dakkafex is never a bad thing.


Andy - bG said...

£5 for an oldschool screamer killer! What a steal. As far as I can say, that is the definitive and still the best looking 'Fex in existence. I'd love to own one just for sentiments sake.

Cracking paintjob on the pair of them, looking really nice there.

AbusePuppy said...

I love the old Huggafex. :3

For reference, the second Carnifex you have is a late-3E one, whereas the "huggafex" is a 2E/3E model.

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