12 Jan 2011

Happy New Year from the Hive!

Happy New Year All! As Siph and Pornstarjedi have said, we have all been really busy over the silly-season and posts have been a little thin on the ground in December; however that doesn’t mean that the Hive have gone into hibernation.

As an xmas surprise, me and my geeky gaming friends had been organised a visit to the Games Workshop HQ by our respective other halves. Not only that – but they had also booked us the best gaming table to play on!

Having a little advanced warning, I have been pretty much painting non-stop for the whole holiday period to get the Hive looking their best. Better pics will be coming shortly, but here is my finished Tervigon hunkering down on an objective:

As well as the Tervigon, I also managed to finish my Warriors brood and Tyranid Prime and get a ton of basing done (still got the best part of 100 Gaunts to go though….).

Arriving at Nottingham for a day of gaming goodness; we managed to check out the artwork, gorgeous GW painted mini’s, get a pint of Bugmans Beer and then have a game on this:

This is a table from Gamesday a couple of years back that is now in the gaming hall and can be played on – and its by far the most gorgeous table I have ever seen – complete with battle fortress, destroyed titan and loads of tiny but awesome details.

We played a 3000pt pairs game with Nids and Tau teaming up against Blood Angels and Space Marines for a Capture The Objectives mission. Unfortunately we were all too excited to write a battle report, but we did take a few pics and it was an awesome game (it turns out the combination of assaulting Nids and long range Tau work well together – who’d have guessed that?).

Unit of the match went to my Tervigon which bolstered the table with more than 50 additional Termagaunts. I say more than 50 additional Termagaunts – but what actually happed was me rolling 10+ each turn for 5 turns without rolling a double…in the end I was sending Termagaunts on suicide charges just so I had the models to be spawned the following turn. This many troops against the mech-heavy opponents just swamped the objectives.

Even a valiant last stand of a Terminator squad teleporting directly onto the front lines couldn’t slow the green tide.

While I was there, I also picked up something different for me to start playing with – more to come soon on that.

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Deadmeat said...

Wow that table is awesome and hope to see some more carnage from that battle.

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