19 May 2010


Hi All!

Just a quick update on my (almost) finished dreadnoughts. I've had these guys waiting for some TLC for a while. There are 6 finished dreadnoughts (2 still to be finished)
The first is a FW chaplain dreadnought, armed with a Multi-Melta, power fist combo. I opted for a plastic Power Fist with a flamer. I prefer the larger plastic power fist to the FW one, I really like the positioning of the model, with the gun lowered-as if he is surveying for the next target. The power fist gives a sense of size and power to the model. The model did suffer a major hit during construction, with the iron halo breaking due to a fall, thus the plan is to use the iron halo off a new venerable dreadnought.The second and third dreadnoughts are box standard plastic ones, one is the dread for assault on black reach box set, the third a heavily armed plastic dreadnought.
The fourth is the original furiso dreadnought. I loved this model when it was released, thus had to have one. I class this dread as an Ironclad armed with two close combat weapons.
The fifth is another Ironclad dreadnought. This dread has a special place in my collect due in part to the annihilation of Siph's warhound at the start of the year. I've Incorporated two 'titan markings from the reaver kit, one a purity seal with a titan legion T motif, and a honour mark. I have built this dread with interchangeable arms, thus all four weapon options are available.The sixth dread is a new venerable dreadnought. Again, all weapon options have been constructed to allow the weapons to be swapped due to the tactical situation.I've also finished a couple of tanks- I'll post these up over the weekend!


CrusherJoe said...

Mmmm,dreadnoughts. How I love them. In fact, after Macragge, the very first bona-fide, honest-to-goodness Space Marines (or any other GW product, for that matter) purchase was...the plastic dreadnought. Something about the concept of the dreadnought and it's entombed, enshrined pilot fascinates me in a very dark way.

Bang up job on your dreads. I'm diggin' them. I have the FW UM Ven Dread too, sitting on the shelf, awaiting the time that I have promised myself to dedicate to that particular project, so that I can do it RIGHT, and give it the attention and loving attention to detail that it so rightfully deserves.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. Being an Ultramarines player myself it sure is nice to see some serious hareware in UMB all ready to strike fear in the hears of all who dare stand against them. :)

Keep up the good work. You don't know what an inspiration you and your work are.

John Lambshead said...

That's a whole lot of dreadnoughts. well done.

jabberjabber said...

Beautiful work on the dreadnoughts - I like the range and variety you've got there. As a chaos player, I often try to field dreadnoughts even though they sometimes blow me up thanks to their crazy rule - I really dig the models!

CylonDave said...

Great looking dreads! I like the little walkers but I often don't have the points for them, but modelwise they sure are fun to build and paint.

pornstarjedi said...

Thanks for all the good comments guys!! I really like the way these dreadnoughts look, both individually and as a group of destruction. I've got a feeling I may use the 6 dreadnoughts as an unoffical 'unit' aiming for Siph's titans!! (insert evil laugh here)

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