20 May 2010

WIP Relictors Assault Squad II pt2

Well, progress with the Weemen has been real slow recently, however not without progress. Here is the sum total of the 2nd Assault Sqd to date. They were started off ages ago here however I will finish them eventually.

I prefer these guys dark and moody appearance to the first Sqd here. But I guess both have their merits, but these look meaner - black vents, weapons and heavy metal skulls! I'm away at the moment so i'll post more once back and settled - hopefully Pornstarjedi is still plodding along with his entire Ultramarines Battle Company repaint, or he's bought some new shiney toys...

1 comment:

brent said...

Agreed. You should maybe even go further by doing more armour in the same colour as the helmet.

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