9 Sept 2017

Spartember - Week 2 - Building the Spartan WIP

Welcome folks, thanks for dropping in. Alas not much progress with my Spartan so far in Spartember as I have been away on holiday in the Warp, so only managed to clean up just over half the tank pieces.
Here is the current state of the mighty Spartan after a week! But fear not, progress will continue in good stead now I am back in the light of the Astronomican!
The Techmarines have yet to remove the vents and flash and straighten out the machine spirits of these bits. But elsewhere on different Forge Worlds, Tech Adepts have been busy with their constructs:
Objective Secured – NafNaf is striving ahead with his Spartan amid difficulties with bubbles, gaps and pieces not fitting together properly.
Turkadactyl - is having a frenzy with elastic bands getting his central superstructure solid and straight.
Temple of Thutmos – Thutmos was cleaning up his Typhon and getting the basecoat on by brush so far.
Kharybdiss - Has forged ahead with his Typhon, with a relatively simple build without difficulties except the treads! I'm not looking forward to that bit myself either.

Please feel free to check out the other participants efforts at the links and thanks to Turkadactyl and NafNaf for organising this mad jolly jaunt. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers, Siph.


  1. Glad to hear you survived the warp.

  2. Good luck and may the omnissiah guide your forge! Looks like it's the old-style cast with the separate tracks, yikes.

    Done a couple over the years m'self and the best piece of advice I can give is when doing the tracks, start with the top and work your way wrapping around down to the bottom. Changes are you're going to need to trim the track links down a bit in order for them to fit, and having the trimmed tread section on the bottom means it's less noticeable.

  3. @ Mordian7th, thanks mate, yes dry fitted the tracks today and they look like they will be a pain! Thanks for the tip.

  4. I've found the model !

    Sooooooooooo far behind. :(

  5. Wow, these seem like such difficult kits to put together!


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