9 May 2016

Relictors Space Marine Bike Squad w/ Grav Guns

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. Here is my latest addition to the Relictors huge force, a handy Grav Weapon armed Bike Squad, these will complement the Melta Gun armed squad and the Plasma Gun armed squad.
Here are the three special weapon armed bikes, the Grav Guns on the Marines and a Combi-Grav for the Sergeant.
The Sergeant was made using a Ravenwing fairing, and Ravenwing legs, a MK VIII torso and a landspeeder pilot bare head. The aerial is from the Scout Bikes.
I think the Sergeant bikes with Fairings make them stand out from the rest of the squad members, deserving of his veteran status. I have a few other bikes on the production line, another couple of Grav Gun Squads and a few Characters, Libby, Chaplain and Captain/Chapter Master on a jet bike. With these characters, the squads can become Troop choices.

Cheers for dropping in, thanks for reading. See you at Warhammerfest if you are going!


  1. Looks great - they'll cause a bit of pain on the table!

  2. Like the fairing addition to the sergeants. Makes them stand out really nicely. Great job dude

  3. I've no real idea of what a squad of grav gun toting SM bikes might do. But I don't like the sound of it. Lovely job.

  4. You realise you are a monster right? All that grav death...

    looking top notch though matey!

  5. Thanks everyone, and Zzzzzz, Grav Guns are Salvo 2/3 and SM bikes are Relentless so that's 3 shots Grav each and 2 bikes rapid firing TL bolters before charging, with additional Hammer of Wrath attacks too, and SM bikes make the Marines T5. Nice unit, with jinx saves too if needed. Grav to wound rolls are based on the Armour saves of the enemy, so wounds Termies on a 2+, Marines on a 3+, to reflect the Mass of the target. And immobilises a vehicle on a 6, and loses a hull point. And according to latest FAQ, any subsequent Immobilised/HP hits of a 6 makes the vehicle lose 2HP (immobilised already so HP instead, plus the single HP) so can be quite dangerous to vehicles, especially when you consider a unit of 3 Centurions with Grav Cannons and Amps have a re rollable 15 shots...

  6. Looks like you will have a whole company in just light vehicles if you keep this up! That I want to see!

    Great job Siph!

  7. That's insane. Peace through superior firepower....


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