9 Sept 2011

A world will die...

Colcha, a planet within the Segmentum Pacificus is about to die, the planet once a planet that thrived and prospered, is on the edge of extinction. The population of near 11 Billion has been massacred to only a handful of dignitaries, the fortunate ones managed to evacuate the planet before the invasion took hold of the planet.

The Tyranid attack started from the south of the planet, genestealer hybrids had infiltrated into the cities, these splinter cells were able to wreck havoc within the city defences, genestealers and Lictors poured into the cities and butchered all that opposed them. The Southern Government proceeded to initiate the full scale evacuation to the North hives. This was the fatalist of mistakes for the once proud Leaders had sentenced their population to death- as the transportation vehicles left the Cities, the noose tighten- hundreds of Tyranids pounced- taking the opportunity to strike murdering thousands of lifeforms, of the 5.5Billion civilians that resided in the southern hemisphere, 34 made it to the Hive central in the capital city to the North.

The Tryanids were part of the Hive Fleet Thorn, the tendril originated from the Southern depths of the Galaxy had already destroyed a handful of world, with only the intervention from the mighty Adeptus Astartes from the Ultra Marine chapter had prevented further worlds from perishing. This world, Colcha has not had any warnings about the Tryanid invasion, the planetary defense force was in no position to defend against the Tyranid onslaught. These forces were ill prepared, and all paid the price. It was as the Tryanids moved North towards the Polar capital city, Lentongrad. Here the planetary governor announced that the world was lost, and asked for help from the Imperial Guard, however this transmission was picked up by an Inquisitor Tiberius, who was on route to the planet after it was discovered that an abandoned Chaos temple had been discovered in the depths of one of the planetary mine shafts, the mining team had found, and brought to the surface a relic of unknown origins.

Inquisitor Tiberius was to follow the Ordos of the Inquisition and administer the killing blow to the World, Exterminatus even before the invasion had occurred- the believe was that the Chaos temple found had the potential to open the a warp rift on the scale never before seen, which could see millions of daemons infesting the Segmentum Pacificus. The Inquisitor had also learnt of the sacred chaos relic that had been found within the temple- Inquisitor Tiberius had a certain 'radical' believe- he always believed that weapons of chaos could be used to combat the forces of chaos, this believe, he found he shared with the Might Space Marine chapter- the Relictors, thus on hearing that another chaos artifact had been discovered he sent news of this to the Relictors with a message.

I intend to carry out Exterminus to the planet Calcha in 2 days, once I have assessed whether any survivors have been corrupted with the taint of chaos.. you have until then......

More to follow.....

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