5 Oct 2017

Reaver Titan ~ WIP #11 ~ time to add some colour

Hi One and All,

I've started adding a little paint to the titan, whilst time to work on a scheme for moving forward.

Here are a couple of WIP pictures.

The Hips I've add a brass colour to the hip- which was done by masking around the area- This will then get washed to add depth to the metal work.

The Interior has had a base of boltgun metal, ready to by detailed

The weapons have had a couple of base coats added over the silver- I just need to fill in where the masking didn't do its job.. oops

The shoulder joints- like the hips have had a brass basecoat added.

I've also added colour to the lower leg armour..

Here is the titan standing to attention- with the arms in position.. There is a deliberate change from the earlier posts.. anybody notice?

I'm not a fan of these pictures of any Reaver without the leg armour- they look so skinny!

I've got a few plans for the rest of the titan, but will need to think about how I can achieve it without wrecking the head too much.. I'm also looking at building my our stencil for some patterns over the armour plate- I did try some I purchased online- however the results weren't as good as I hoped.

 Thnaks for looking! Any thoughts on the potential Legion?


1 comment:

Siph_Horridus said...

That’s shaping up nicely, good stuff

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