18 May 2017

Bloodthirsters of Khorne

Hi One and all,

To follow up on my Bloodthirster posts, here are the other Bloodthirsters I own,

First up my Bloodthirster - Greater Daemon of Khorne, this was a purchase from Ebay so I can't take credit for the paint job.
 Here are the 3 Bloodthirsters together.
 And then additions with my older metal Bloodthirsters,
Its looking at the scales that I don't think I'll be using the metal models for future battles, they are in size with a daemon prince, I'm not sure what other people are thinking with the new/old models? please add your comments thoughts and feedback about this. They might end up similar to my other old daemon lords with a new 'statue' paint scheme which I'm intending to do.
Thanks for looking!


neverness said...

I must confess my envy: that is an awesome collecfion!

I have one of the original RT era ones, and I just could not bring myself to downgrade him to a DP. I was going to use him as a summoned BT if I ever got the chance.

Rory Priest said...

Lovely collection chief.

Zzzzzz said...

Yeah....... About that Apoc game. It'll have to wait until I've got a few more titans....

Mordian7th said...

Thoroughly awesome, man!

Lord Halfpenny said...

cheers for the feedback guys!

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