29 Dec 2014

Bloated Bellies - Plaguebearers Squad Finished!

Hope you are having a good Crimbo period and your bellies are not as bloated as these guys, a squad of Plaguebearers for my Relictors to summon using Daemonology - fighting fire with fire, the true Relictor way! I spoke about it in a previous post Relictor Daemonology.
These have been finished off with some yucky Nurgle Rot paint for glistening slime ridden guts and wounds. Nice stuff!
Thanks for dropping in, have a good holiday period and hope Santa bought you lots of new Weemen!


the 6th degree said...

Nice work Siph!

Does this now mean you have more painted Daemons than LordH? lol

Lord Halfpenny said...

Looking good Siph!

he is catching me up 6th.. need to finsih some bases..

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