22 Sep 2014

Relictors Assault Centurions Squad

Hello, I'm posting this whilst still away, however, here is my latest offering, the completed Assault Centurion Squad - these three should make short work of most foes in Close Combat, as long as they don't come up against the other Devastator Grav Centurions on the way!
This Marine is wading into battle with his arms swinging wildly, I used the pointing arm without the pointy finger.
This Marine must be locked in battle, he is rather static, but the poses the box set offer you are quite limited.
Here's the entire Squad wading into the fray, I do love the Sergeant's poise, arms low and out to the sides beckoning his foe...
And just a bit of a 360 degree look at all the detailing these wonderful miniatures have, they have grown on me, still a little telly-tubby marines but I like them.
And a quick top down view, just to show the very bulky nature of these guys!
And finally, a shot of all the Centurions together - I won't be painting many more of these in a hurry, they take ages to do!

Hope you like and thanks for stopping by.

1 comment:

Greg Hess said...

Look great. The chaplain style heads really make these guys look brutally mean.

Curious to see how the assault centurions do for you. I think everyone forgets they've got meltaguns along with those death fist things :).

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