14 Jul 2014

Nostalgic Nod to 2nd Edn - Trawling through the Closet of Doom

 So I was trawling through the 'closet of doom', underneath the new games table, and one of the boxes was the 2nd Edition Warhammer 40K, so Ipeeked inside to see what had escaped me all these years and I still stored. Much to my amusement, it was just rulebooks, counters and data cards. No miniatures - I've either sold them or used them over the years.
 The turn counter and 3in blast!
 An old Army List for Orks and Squats!
 A booklet on the Games Workshop Hobby World
 Classic Artwork
 When the GW empire was smaller
 And battles were always fought over 'green and pleasant lands'...
 I still have some of these!
 And a quite topical Ork Codex! Edn 2 though.
And some Orky 'Wargear Cards' I cut out of an old White Dwarf along with the card ones from the 2nd Edn Boxset.

Hope you enjoyed this canter (Kantor) down memory lane ;)


the 6th degree said...

Wow - brings back some memories - me and LordH started in 2nd Ed. I wonder if I could ever take the punishment of playing a 2nd Ed game again?

Mordian7th said...

Nice! I have to say I still look back on 2nd edition quite fondly. I know that it was a mess of a system, but darned if I didn't have some of my favorite and most fun games with it!

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