11 Jul 2014

MkIII Iron Warrior Marines

Hi all! You might have seen that I have a bit of a pre-Heresy related vision for my Iron Warriors; MkIII Iron Armour and Horus Heresy tech just looks stunning IMO and perfectly fits with a utilitarian army that is focused on its wargear. As such, I have been making efforts to integrate more HH-era minis into the army. The hope is that this will give me a small 30K army to start to play with and a larger 40K army mixed up of grizzled Heresy-era vets and more chaos-y new recruits.

So here are a squad of MkIII marines decked out with MkIII shoulders and Heresy era weaponry.
By now I have my paint schemes down, but even a standard marine squad can still offer something fun to paint - so I try and focus on making the bases interesting and do something different with Champions, Special & Heavy Weapons.

The unit has minimal conversions - just one quick head swap to break them up a little.

Given that 30K is pretty Troops heavy, I think I will be needing about 40 more of these guys...


Mordian7th said...

Beautifully done!

Valtyr said...

If a group of genetically modified, psyco-indocronited, armed & armoured, merciless warriors can be called nice, then they are nice!

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